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Joe Mc
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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, first time posting. I've owned and driven MB diesels since about 1974. My wife's daily driver is a 1983 300 SD with 165000 original miles. I do all my own maintenance. She drove the car all day and went to park car in garage and it would not go forward. It would back up. I let the car sit for a couple of hours and tried to see if it would go forward. Parked it in the garage and immediately thought let's try that again. Backed up under it's own power, but nothing forward. I pushed it by hand in the garage and that's were it sits. Looked at all the obvious things, fluid level, nothing fallen off or loose. I believe something internal broke. My question is if the trans must come out, what suggestions can you give. Should I rebuild this trans myself, if so, who has parts available or exchange for a rebuilt or simplely purchase a new trans? I do not plan on selling the car any time soon. So gentlemen, what would you do?? Sorry about long winded post and thanks in advance. Joe Mc.
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