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Here's where I stand on the air pump issue:

I have installed the replacement rebuild from Randy Steele at EPS and I'm going out to finish the install as soon as I'm done this post. The new pump is in and the belt is back on. I just have to tension the belt and put the fan back on. I'm going to place the plug connector ends directly next to each other and heat shrink wrap the joint. It will look very nice and ensure the pump doesn't ever run. I look at it like a $400 idler bearing that will not fail again unless the bearing gets tired, but the first one lasted 160k miles, so I'm optimistic. I learned you don't get the check engine light if you disconnect the airpump, at least on a 1991 model.

The warranty should cover the replacement, I'm not out of the woods yet because they are asking for documentation that I replaced all of the valves and hoses in the discharge side of the pump. I replaced the diverter valve and cleared the two small plastic hoses before re-installing. Randy thinks that should be enough for the mfr to honor the warrranty, but I'll let you all know if I get hung out to dry. I think Randy is doing his best to take care of me.

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