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Question The dreaded rough idle

Hi Gentlemen,

I have a 83 300D turbo diesel "The Panzer" that I've owned for 5 years.

It has always been a bit rough while idling especially under load (ie, AC on, and in gear). I'm sick of it and have been trying to get it under control.

In 3 months I've had:

-Valves adjusted
-Fuel filters replaced
-Dampening screw replaced and adjusted
-Fuel injectors replaced
-A motor mount replaced (this was about 12 months ago)

The shakes are just as bad as ever. Again, if you drop it into neutral, most of the shake goes away. As the car gets warmer it gets a bit worse.

The idle speed is ok according to my mechanic who is a German expat with a lifetime of Mercedes repair but the tach is dead.

Can anyone suggest the next course of action? Vacuum or EGR valvue issues? Bad cylinder(s)? Other? Other than the idle, and it's knack for destroying AC compressors, the car runs well.

Many thanks in advance,
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