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Old 05-20-2001, 11:25 PM
j shepardson
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ok i'm in a bind here i can not get any of my windows working except for the rear passenger window. i checked the switches they are fine and everything is fine at the fusebox. however the relay for the windows will always be open once i plug it in and will start getting very warm. i've switched the relay and it still does the same thing.
checking the driver side window i have discovered that both sides of the motor are positive but no power is actually running through the motor itself. if i touch a ground wire to the motor it will throw sparks, so i took off the wires from the door to the motor and ran straight power to the motor and it works perfectly. does anyone know what this problem might be and how could i fix it? i really dont understand why only 3 windows are being effected. everything in the console seems fine and everything under the hood seems good as well where might this problem be? any help would be greatly appreaciated

thank you in advance for the ideas

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