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Welcome to the club

Welcome to the NEW Mercedes. Is it normal for a new car to produce all the noises that you mention. I would say, it shouldn't be normal and in a lot of less expensive cars these problems do not exist. But, in my $100,000 CL, I have experienced the same noises as you and frankly, I am not happy about it. Thankfully most of the roads I drive on are smooth, so I don't notice it as much, but when I do, it sends a shiver down my spine. This will DEFINITELY be my last Mercedes. Even if they built the cars like they used to, you still have to deal with the crappy dealer service departments who screw your car up even more.

Just a word of advice. Do not take your car in to complain about the rattles and noises. Wait at least through the first year. At most all they do is put some insulation tape in the squeek areas and if that involves removing some piece of interior, you can guarantee it won't be put back together correctly.

Mercedes is starting to suck big time and the dealers are running about 1000% ahead on the suck-o-meter.
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