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In all fairness, I don't think a Kia dealer would offer you a loaner at 16. Liability issues with drivers under 18 keep even rental car companies from renting to younger age drivers.

I totally agree with TradeGeek. I have a few options for dealers fairly near where I live and each of them will treat me different. And considering all different manufacturers offered at various dealers, I find it comedic that I can get better customer service when "shopping" for $40k+ european cars vs. trying to get a salesman to even approach me at most, if not ALL American dealerships.

The most recent independent repair shop I took my car to took longer to finish because they refused to get parts from the closest dealer because of their service (lack thereof). They go to a further dealer that had to order the part.

People make the dealership, and ultiately it's the people in management that are responsible because they choose who stays and who they let go.

just my $0.02
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