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Johnson Chan
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Well, I went to the dealership that I am going to now at 17 or 18 they gave me a loaner car. So I guess it is up to individual dealerships.

When I talked to them on the phone, they said sure, come up here we will give u a loaner, then they see my license and say, opps sorry we cant give u a loaner. They suggested I call someone to pick me up or call a taxi cab, etc. I mean whats the big deal? It is a mercedes and I am paying you top dollar to get it fixed. Its not like I want to steal your 1991 toyota corolla!

I was like, give me my car, BYE!

In reguards to the dealerships, doesnt MB or can MB have a rep sent out to get surveys or be one of those secret shoppers at the dealer?

One of the DJ's in a big st. louis radio station was talking about how he gets bad service, etc. at the dealer, when that happens, thats bad! I have witnesses that heard the DJ say it too, so I wasnt imagining things.
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