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Dr Benz
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Originally posted by Ammadeus
Hi-folks--I have a problems getting the plug wires off my 1989 300E. I don't want to damage the boots----or get a hernia. Suggestions would be most appreciated. I tried using an inexpensive tool from auto zone---no luck. There has to be a way to remove the wires without damaging the boots. Help please!!!!
Sometimes it is enough to use a sparkplug boot pliers to twist the wire end clockwise (so that you don't unscrew the cap on the end of the plug) a little while pulling and that will be enough. If that doesn't work, try rocking the plug wire end from side to side gently as well. What you are trying to do is make the little wire that is in the resistor end slide over the screw on cap on the plug. A little dielectric grease on the end of the plug or inside the wire end will make it much easier next time.
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