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be459 and Shooter, thanks for your responses. I am happy to report that I completed the job. It took me close to 12 hours over two days. It took a while for all that oil to drain. Snaking the new cooler hoses through the engine compartment was a bit of a challenge. I put the gasket on dry and there are no apparent leaks between the housing and the block.

Just an FYI in case any fellow M-shop members run into this problem: Some of you might remember one of my posts about a month ago asking if the oil filter housing from an '83 240D would work in my car. The answer from a senior tech was "no" because the housing does not have a provision for the turbo oil line. However, because one of the studs at the top of my filter housing was stripped, I decided to replace my housing with the one from the 240D and switch the plates at the bottom so that I could get oil to the turbo. Both housings do have the same part number, but the plates at the bottom are different. The plate from my car is 617 184 03 08 while the one from the 240D is 615 184 02 08 (or something like that). The plates are interchangeable and they bolt on without modification. When I drove on my 55 mile highway commute to work at 70 mph this morning, my boost gauge was constantly showing pressure so I know the turbo had to be getting oil. Else, it would have locked up and the gauge should show no pressure. Therefore, I know the oil filter housings are interchangeable, just not the plates between turbo and non turbo engines.

Unfortunately, when I switched the plates, I did not have a new gasket to put on and there is still a bit of oil leaking from the bottom of the housing. The plate is accessible without having to take the housing out, so I am not too worried. Once I get the new gasket in, the leaks should stop on the left side of the engine. Thanks again for the responses.

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