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VINYLEX from Lexol is the ONLY WAY!!! It actually gets absorbed by the vinyl rather than sit on top of the surface attracting dust. Picture the skin on your hands after spending some time chopping firewood (or working on the car with solvents and chemicals) - dry & chapped. Now apply a good hand lotion with lanolin and it absorbs into your skin. That's the same thing that Vinylex does for any vinyl, rubber or plastic parts. I just bought (my second one) a 3-liter container of it (Car Care Specialties 877-796-8300 they really take good care of you!) for around $36. I gave half of it to a friend with a ski boat to condition the interior of his boat prior to our going waterskiing this weekend and he loves it too. It keeps both of our Mercedes Benz vehicles looking great.
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