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190 D Steering

I have an '86 190D2.5, with a 5-speed manual trans., & with 200,000 miles. The engine runs great. Some time ago, the steering became loose, & it feels like the car will "jump" back and forth, from side to side, as there's apparently play in the steering. One instant the car was steering as good as always, & the next instant the steering was noticeably irratic. At the time, I noticed the power steering fluid was almost gone, & I refilled this. I have replaced many suspension & steering parts, in the front & rear. I have tightened the steering nut, & replaced the steering wheel. I have new struts & shocks. All of this has improved the steering, but it still has the dead-spot feel in the center of the steering that makes the car dart from side to side within a lane. This happens on all types of road surfaces, but is most noticeable on flat, smooth roads. Thanks.

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