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Hi all!

My 89 300CE is sick. A month ago, she started having intermittent stalling problems. The check engine light would go on so I took it to a shop. They changed the 02 sensor but a day later, same problem! I got frustrated and took it to a MB expert. They first did a major tune-up (@ a tune of $450!) and then realized that there could be something wrong with the fuel delivery. They changed one of the pumps (and the fuel filter) and told me that fuel pressure was fine. However, the car did the same thing not more than a day later. Frustrated, I replaced the other fuel pump but got the same result. My uncle suspected an electrical problem and told me to clean my contacts. Well, I took the modules in the back of the battery (including the OVP relay) and sprayed all the contacts with contact cleaner. NOW, the car won't even start! It would just crank. I can hear the fuel pump going while the engine is cranking, and I can smell fuel vapor at the tailpipe. I haven't checked for a spark, but after spending $1300 on repairs (I usually do the work on my cars myself, except this one instance), I am frustrated! IS it the OVP relay? Can someone help???

PS> When the car was running before and stalled, what I did was remove the battery terminals and re-engage them. That seemed to do the trick for a short period, until the next time it stalled. This wasn't always successful, however.
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