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Originally Posted by dieseldiehard
How insane is this:

I prefer the 300D over the SDL. found a really insane price for one without the head. By it so I dont 87 300d $400

I figured I could use a parts car but now that I am into the project I have told my brother he might get it cheap. Until I stripped the threads on the oil cooler
There is an SDL on craigslist for $1900 with probably a cracked head. Looks like the armrest is dirty probably the rest of the car like that:
A wrecking yard owner told me today that he has been seeing more demand for engines and heads for the 6 cyl diesels but 9 out of 10 cars coming in were not wrecked, they have engine problems!

Yes, I recall seeing that post on here a while back about that '87 300D. Seems like a pretty good deal if you get a newer head on there not to worry about anything.

I didn't even pay near $1900 for my SDL. I think I'm around $250-300 in parts into it. Most things are PM/general attention items, but the biggie I need is a new clutch for my fan and those tierods. I need to have my speedo rebuilt too, but that's inexpensive. The main parts are excellent, paint is presentable, interior is pretty clean, few door dings, just stuff you'd come to expect from a car that's nearly 20 years old.
I'm not a doctor, but I'll have a look.

'85 300SD 245k
'87 300SDL 251k
'90 300SEL 326k

Six others from BMW, GM, and Ford.

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