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re pump location

I have these seats in my w123 wagon I got them from someone who did not know what he had ,they just happened to match my interior so I bought them. They are electric seats are yours also?
You should have some 3 buttons on the side of your seats & a switch for the pump.
The Pump is located in the seat back on the same side that the switch is on (In the side section next to where your kidney would be)
One of my switches was faulty check this first before removig the seat and pulling apart.
To do this unscrew the plastic switch mount and shout the switch to see if power is getting to pump first(Bypass the switch itself)
Also check under the front of the seat to make sure not loose plugs where plugged into loom.
The 3 buttons they let out the air in the bladders for lumber support one for each bladder.
As I said these were installed into my car by myself and they are actually Recaro seats they are worth a lot of money new up to $5000.00 each when new (Thats Australian , so 1/2 that for US dollars) So dont get rid of them they are worth getting to work right.
If I sell my car I will take them out and put them into what ever I get in the future.
Any more info required e mail me no probs
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