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I always like to see the final results to a thread, know which suggestions ACTUALLY solved the problem. When initiating a thread we should all remember and accept the responsibility for making a final post that wraps things up, dontcha' think?

Jim and Michael were right on the button, as posters here usually are. It was the tire ... right rear to be specific.
Here's a lesson for ya' ...

Prior to departing on the trip I changed out tranny and diff fluids to Redline products. While the car was on the rack at a friend's shop (negotiated a deal for them to do the fluid swap for $30) I asked them to check the tire pressures all around whilst I went to buy donuts for everyone. I usually ALWAYS check the pressure myself with my trusty digital pressure guage any time ANYONE touches my tires. Didn't do it. When I put the car on the rack yesterday to check out the source of my problem I instantly saw it! The inside shoulder of the right rear was just tore up something fierce. Where the side wall rolls over into the tread. Yikes. Total separation of tread, flaps an inch or more in width. Whipped out my pressure guage and ... WHOA ... 48 lbs. COLD!! All the others were spot on ... 30 front/33 remaining back. Their guage was sticking. This was the first tire they put air in on Friday. Scratch one MVX4. My fault for violating my rule to always check when someone else touches tires.

I'm sure this over inflation is what shredded the tire as there is no evidence of anything rubbing. So I'm off this morning to throw a pair of Yoka AVS dB's on the back. A little (and expensive) reminder of what happens when a.) you are rushing to get on the road and b.) you break your own rules.

BTW, any of you golfers who like to hit 'em and chase 'em on the courses in Palm Springs now and then ... make sure you hit Desert Falls CC. Great track, great people ... very enjoyable round and John, the bartender, makes a killer Cosmo for the ladies and a very wicked dirty Absolute martini.

Thanks again, Jim and Michael!!

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