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European Moterworks

That's the shop right off of route 1, basically across the highway from the Edison Diner right? I think it has rod iron gates around the lot. They are ok, and do competent work, albeit a bit pricey from what I have heard. They also sell a few MB's and BMW's as well as the occasional Porsche.
The German Car Shop, is on rt 27. Basically to get to them from Rt1 take the Highland Park / 514 exit from rt 1, basically in front of European Moterworks. Come down the ramp, you'll see a bunch of used car dealers. Make your first right. You'll be traveling through a neighborhood. GO 23 in the 25! Highland Park cops are ruthless. Absolutely ruthless. When you come to your first light (about a mile) make a right. Keep on this road, (should be 4 lanes, two in each direction of travel) Stay to the left. The road will narrow, The German Car Shop is 4 or 5 miles down on the left hand side, right before a railroad underpass I believe. I dont have a Plainfield / North Brunswick phone book handy, but I'm sure they are in there.

I would take it to them, get their opinion, and see which works out better for you, financially. Also if it is a head rebuild, you may be better served to buy a remanufatured head, and swap it yourself if you are mechanically inclined.

Let me know your experiences with each shop, and how it works out,

Best wishes and take care,
George Androulakis
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