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I have an '88 420SEL which I got for my daughter (75,000 miles) and proactively flushed and changed all the fluids (transmission, coolant, brakes, power steering, differential and oil -- to Mobil 1) on purchase, and plan to continue to renew at regular intervals (3,000 miles for oil, 15,000 for transmission, etc.).

I also have a '98 C43 AMG (now 44,000 miles) which gets regular 3,000 mile Mobil 1 oil changes (rather than 10,000 mile FSS intervals) and has been otherwise under regular dealer service schedules. Should I also be aggressively changing the other fluids (transmission, brake, etc.) on the newer car and, if so, at what intervals?

Comments on the fluid service levels for the '88 are also welcomed. Thanks.
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