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As fuel prices continue to soar, I'm thinking of picking up a diesel daily driver. Probably an older SD, or if I could find one in decent shape, a w124 diesel, they seem to be extremely rare in this part of the country.

Now my question, besides the obvious of using diesel fuel instead of gas, and somewhat lethargic performance compared to their gas counterparts, what else is different in the driving experience?

I understand the issue of cold starting, etc, but being in NJ it doesnt get THAT cold that often, so I should probably be ok as far as that. Other than that is there anything I should be aware of before I embark on the search for my first diesel?

Also what sort of mileage figures should I expect from an SD? Granted diesel fuel is probably 25% cheaper, so that will be a savings, but I'm wondering what kind of mileage to expect.

Best wishes and take care,
George Androulakis
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