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Ok so judging by what you guys have said, an 81-85 SD will probably be what im looking for. Someone has an 85 SD listed with, asking $3,800 but no mention of miles. It's somewhere in eastern PA, not exactly sure where.

How risky a proposition is getting into one with +- 200k miles which im sure they will be in the range of. Granted the engines are known to last a long time, but will the trans / suspension etc hold up, or will it be a constant money pit?

Im extremely skeptical when it comes to e-bay. Small stuff, sure, but a car? sight unseen? That just seems like russian roulette.

I dont mind a car that needs work, as In a way I would consider it a learning experience, but I need something affordable, and reliable enough to drive almost daily. Well I have the C class and an Acura TL now, but im thinking of selling the TL, and getting sort of a project / fun car. I've been tinkering with the idea of a diesel for a long time, at least 3 or 4 years. Especially with all I read on the forums, it seems like these cars are a real love affair.

I really dont have the foggiest idea about diesels. I mean I know the basics, i.e. ignition is compression based, there is no ignition system, and I have read that the vaccum system plays a significant role in these cars, moreso than in a gas car. Not exactly sure how, but one can always learn.

The other thing im concerned about is turbo life. I know these cars seem to run way up there in the miles. But doesnt the turbo wear? My experience has been basically to stay away from upper mile turbo cars, as it is usually well worn, and at best just doesnt help with power anymore.

Best wishes and take care,
George Androulakis
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