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I reported having stalling problems earlier on my 89 300CE. I changed the fuel pumps, fuel filter and got a major tune-up but still the same problem. I decided to clean the contacts on the fuel module, OVP etc and now it only cranks and won't even start. I changed the oVP relay just in case, but still same problem. I pulled out one of the spark plug wires and tested for spark (w and w/o plugs) and found out I didn't have a spark! Which made sense because I can hear the fuel pumps going and smell fuel at the muffler end. Now I am perplexed, and I suspect that one of the modules behind the battery is for the ignition, and cleaning the contacts may have damaged it. Can anyone help? The red LED on the diagnostic terminal is constantly on now.

89 300CE
91 Supercharged Miata
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