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76 280s m110 engine with carb, 225,000 miles

2 months ago my car passed the texas state inspection. In prep for the inspection:

new points, plugs, dist cap, rotor, plug wires, air filter, oil & filter, and value adjustment.

Before the major tuneup the car would blow a puff of white smoke on cranking then pretty much clears up. Now, after all the work, at an idle I can see smoke pretty much at all times. Some times a great deal of smoke will be present after I stop at a light. The amount of smoke present seems to vary greatly. I dont like to pollute and would like to get this fixed.

My mechanic said that I may have a broken or cracked valve stem seal. When I asked about repairing, they did not seem interested in doing the work. This shop has done my work for over 20 years and we have had no problems. The owner is now semi retired and a new person is running the day to day operations of the shop.

Any thoughts, suggestions or questions would be appreciated.

Any one know a good mechanic in the Fort Worth Texas area that is not afraid to work on older cars.

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