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Now that I've upgraded our 1988 W124 wagon to 500E brakes, I can't use my existing spare.

I've tried stuffing a 7.5x16 wheel with a 205/55VR16 tire, but it's too wide to fit the side wheel-well. I've tried a 195/55HR16 tire, but again the 7.5x16 wheel is too wide.

Anyone know of wheel or special spare that is 6.5x16 with the Mercedes bolt-pattern, and a back pad big enough to clear the 500E calipers?

I'm thinking that I will need to find a 6.5x16 wheel and either use a spacer OR weld the spacer to the wheel.

I really don't want to go to run-flat tires . . .

Any other ideas?

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG

PS: if you have upgraded to bigger brakes, please check your spare for
fit . . .
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