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Originally Posted by KATSCAN
If we knew everything, we wouldn't need a site like this. I do have an engineering background.
Which means you might know something about engineering. Apparently, it does not mean that you know you should understand what you're dealing with before you try to change it.
Originally Posted by KATSCAN
It's my nature to make things better; as it as been said on another ACforum; "AC system performance is dependant on the vehicle it's in" some vehicles run better on a different system. I'm looking to make a hybrid, and have found out that Bentleys have done this in the past. Anyway, here's some AC info for you Moneypit......the author uses the term "starve" I believe. Maybe you should email him.
Or not. I've hardly the time to go about finding and correcting every last misconception on the internet. I'll settle for the ones that find me.
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