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Brake fluid change

I just change mine this morning,and this is what I did.
I elevated the car on all corners via jack stand.
Wheels are out for easy access to the bleeder nipples,
and will rotates tires after the procces.
Make sure you have enough fresh brk.fluid.
I ask my son to keep an eye to the reservoir,
and fill it up while its getting low.
I put 4 container big enough to catch the old fluid
out.Then I open all the bleeder w/out pumping the
brk. pedal.I just let the old fluid drip while continously
adding fresh fluid to the container.After about 45 mins.
when fresh clean fluid are coming out,I started closing all
the bleeder nipples front side first and so on.Then rotate
tires.Front to back,back to front.Took the car for a test drive and treat my son for lunch for helping.

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