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Probably one of the most discussed items in the archives. Search under Euro Headlights, Bulbs, wiring, relays, Xenon, Halogen, and similiar key words and you will find enough pictures, suggestions, pros, cons, costs, wiring diagram links, aiming info, shortcuts, dealer links, new vs. used, Tiawan vs German vs Italian Euro lights, keep or discard headlight wipers, and installation tips to keep you busy reading until next Xmas!

Basically, Bosch or Hella Euro lights with H4 Philips Premium + 30 bulbs is the most effective and common answer, at 300-500 dollars. The stock 87 headlights are worthless. The Euro lights have better reflectors and beam patterns and put all the light on the road where it is needed. The lights themselves are more streamlined and take 10 years off the front of the car, especially if you dump the wipers. They are not particularly legal in most states, even though from 94 on the MB headlights in the US were basically Euro lights. On the Other hand, if you keep the stock wattage bulbs and don't live in a state with annual vehicle inspections, the chances of being caught are close to zero, and the lights are actually easier to oncoming drivers on low beam than the old US lights. Hope this helps.

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