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In my forever to be humble opinion...

I owned a 1984 300SD TurboDiesel. Best car I ever had. I don't know if the car was willing to give up its life to save mine, but I sure felt safe and comfortable driving it. That car and I went through a lot together. When I finally it sold I almost immediately regretted it. My only comfort is that it was purchased by a family friend, who bought it for his daughter to drive. I occassionally get visitation rights. In fact, my wife rode on the car the other day and she said it still looks as good as when when used to own it. So that's some relief.

My 1984 Turbo was particularly fast off the line due to my mechanic doing some voodoo stuff witht he transmission. If they are well maintained diesels can run forever. In fact, the body will fall apart before the engine does.

One thing I would suggest, however. If you buy a turbo, make sure to let the engine run for a minute or so before you turn it off. If you turn it off right away, especially after driving on the freeway or at high speeds, internal parts do not receive proper lubrication and the turbo may seize up, or wear out prematurely. I always gave it a minute to catch its breath before turning it off.

With that in mind, I'd highly recommend getting a Mercedes diesel

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