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I was asking my local (very trustworthy) MB mechanic here in Cincinnati (Precision Motorcars) about the expense of replacing both lower ball joints and the "caster joints" on my 1984 300SD.

His quote was as follows:

Ball Joint: $38 parts per side, 2hrs labor per side
Caster Joint: $81 parts per side, 2hrs labor per side
Alignment: $100+

Total (Labor $75/hr): $938

When you add in sales tax and misc shop/epa stuff, it's about a $1000 for all this work.

I am really tempted to do this work myself. I am a medium DIY (subframe bushings, valve adjustments, motor mounts) and also have the W126 CDROM.

I can rent a spring compressor and ball joint press from IMPCO (does PartsShop rent this stuff?) for about $100.
Parts would be about $150 for everything from PartsShop.

So, I am looking at $250 plus a bunch of time to get this all done myself. That amount is do-able, while the $1000 ain't happening.

I'd still have to get an alignmment so I guess the total is
really $350-ish.

I am very interested in saving the $650, and have access to another car to drive while I get through this project.

Anyone out there want to talk me out of attempting this job? Am I nuts?

I am also tempted to replace the rear trailing arms (due to rust) while I have the spring compressor. Any major gotchas there? Replace the spring pads also?

Chris Blanchard
1984 300SD 138.1k
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