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To remove the left rear door on my style car, 1982 300D turbo, I did the following:

1. Unscrew the lock button.
2. Remove the two Phillips head screws, all screws here are Phillips, fastening the horse shoe shaped chrome plate on the upper left part of door around the latch mechanism and set these 3 pieces aside.
3. carefully pry out the black plastic lining that is behind the door handle (inside). This is accomplished by prying back the front lip(edge away from the hinge side of lock handle) and once free the plastic liner can be rotated out.
4. Behind this liner is a screw which secures the chrome fascia piece surrounding the lock handle. Once the screw is removed the fascia piece can be pried back enough to gain access to the screw holding the end of the arm rest at the top. Remove this screw.
5. Remove the two screws found on the underside of the arm rest and with the three screws removed the handle can be set aside.
6. You can now slide your fingers between the panel and the door itself, starting at the lower left (rear) corner of the panel, and pop the plastic fasteners out of the door, these usually do not break and can be reused. Work your way up to the top of the panel on the left side then work along the bottom and along the right side up to the top. The top of the panel has none of these fasteners as a spline along the top of the panel fits into a groove.
7. Once the fasteners are all popped out you can rotate the panel away from the door enough to unplug the electric window controller on the back side.
8. Now CAREFULLY rotate out and up the panel to slide the spline out of the groove. Be careful to not damage the plastic trim that is around the window when you pry up on the panel. I try to ease the window piece behind the panel as I raise it up.
9. Carefully pry the plastic sheet that covers the door, this may not be present if previous work removed it, as you would want to put it back when work is completed.
At this point you should have full access to the internal parts of the door. Putting the door back together is as easy as reversing the order of steps. Note when putting it back together that I found it easiest to start the spline into the groove on the opposite side as the lock button and then fish the threaded rod up through the hole with a wire or a paper clip. If you forget this part you will remember it as soon as you go to screw the button on. (and how would I know this?.I forgot the shaft before I hope this helps and good luck.


PS how do people get those colored facial signs?
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