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Brothers of The Benz,All
My 1987 300E has an A/C that has perform faithfully for 14 years.
Just this past week the compressor gave up the ghost and died.
A new compressor/clutch, drier/receiver and expansion valve and I'm chilling again.
With that all said, I thought I would pass on a little trick I learned about a lazy A/C door.
With the A/C on and the fan switch in Auto, after shutting the engine down and setting for a short time.
Then restarting, the fan would not come on.
With the Benz in motion you can feel cold air from the static air into the interior.
My fix.
Before shutting everything down; place the fan in high mode.
When turning the ignition switch to run position the fan comes on at High speed not waiting for conditionals of the Automatic Climate Control.
That rascal, the fan, just pushes the stuborn door open or closed.
This quirk has been with her for quite some time and as long as I have a jerry rig fix, the dash won't have to be destroyed.
I hope if fellow Benz owners experience anything like this, this may help.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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