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Thanks guys! Talk about a quandary, two completely opposite answers, both from people that I have come to respect based upon their copious knowledge & previous postings to others on this forum.

Just to clarify, I am wondering if perhaps Steve may have mis-interpreted my original post. The oil pressure does peg at 3 when “revved”, but if the engine is slowly brought up from idle (it idles at about 1.5-1.7 bar when HOT) it takes about 1300-1400 RPMs to peg the needle. This is with me using 15-40 Rotella T, at an ambient temperature of 80-100 degrees, after a long freeway run with the A/C on. (I did say HOT .)

Also, I didn’t realize that these 123s used an electric oil pressure gauge. I am used to my trusty old 107s mechanical gauge. I’ll have to check this out.

And Bill, I love your approach; I wished that I could just sing that old Bobby McFerran song “don’t worry, be happy” but I’m just too damn obsessive (but not necessarily compulsive, so no meds. At least not yet ) And if my motor actually needed 3000 RPMs to develop full pressure, I probably would need meds!

And now on to my next problem – adjusting the wastegate on the Garret turbo. I looked & felt with a dental probe all around the circumference of the retaining spring on the cover, and I could not find a gap anywhere. And I mean Anywhere. I’m going to ask about this in a separate posting.

Thanks Guys!

P.S. If Steve is right, and this engine is on the edge, I’ll probably find out pretty soon, although I don’t plan on taking the boost past .75bar. The graph on the 123 service CD shows a peak boost of about 750 mbar at 3200 RPMs.
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