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I'm looking for advice on a replacement windshield for my 190E 2.3-16V. A rock cracked my windshild, and insurance is covering it. I asked the glass shop to use German glass (Sigla or Sekutit). They said the had it, but when I picked it up, they said the Sigla piece they had was for a single wiper car, and mine has two wipers (small and large) on a single arm. Apparently they are different sizes.

So they replaced it with a "Pilkington" piece, which does not have the Austria mark that I had on an a previous replacement, and they said they thought this one was from Mexico. They will replace it with German glass with no problem, so I'm posing the question: Should I have them replace it or is this stuff good enough? (Clarity, qulaity, etc.) I drove it briefly today (very sunny), and I swear I thought I was seeing more reflections from the dash than I recalled in the past. Does the German glass use (better) anti-reflection coatings, or am I seeing things?
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