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i was having some idling problems before and the diagnostic scanner pointed out 3 faults, namely
1)air mass sensor (this is quite ex SGD275)
2)over voltage protectoin relay (SGD48)
3)regeneration valve (SGD 30)

the idling problem was more or less solved after the 1st 2 parts were replaced. but since it was just 30bucks, i thought i might was well chnage the valve.
The valve seems to be used to suck the petrol vapour out from the fuel tank. I do not know if this also contribute to my idling problems.
My idle is still not very good, especially when coming to a stop. It could be due to the idle actuator/slide but that is really expensive.
I think i got the wrong part and thats why I kept looking for it to no success. Its pretty obvious in the engine bay on the left side.
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