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Whoa is Me!

Brothers of The Benz
After renewing the compressor, clutch, drier/reciever, and expansion valve and I'm really pleased with the performance of the 134A conversion; I've decided to renew the components in the dash portion of the Automatic Climate Control.
Comes the shock!!!!!
The evaporator coil assembly purchased from my Local Dealer Parts Department, Lists for $718.00.
It has a 24 month warrantee.
Shop around!
The same item in a generic brown box, $195.00, it too has a 24 month warrantee.
Now if one of you tells me where to get it for less, I'll bit my thumb, for I've already ordered it.
If you are passing through Houston and want to spend a few days sweating, come join me in an evaporator party.
Happy Trails beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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