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Hello All,

First of All forgive me, I am not 100% au fait with the MB, I tend to work on that *other* german car (dont shoot me!)

Anyway, My Wifes 94 C280 has a Slipping belt whenever the A/C is on.

We took it in for its 15K Yesterday to the Dealer (MB Park Place), and ask them to check it out.

The Service Advisor Came back and said it needed a "New Belt and Tensioner" cost to R and R, $700!!

Now unfortunately he could not really elaborate for me on that, only to say that the slipping belt was related to the A/C

So my Question, is the A/C compressor attached to the Timing Belt in anyway, is it on a seperate Belt. Is the cost above reasonable considering its a "Dealer price" ?

If you need me to be more specific let me know and I will help.


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