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I'm curious about the best way to correct my situation and would like some opinions. I have a 91 300CE-24 that had been lowered by the previous owner. The front is about a 1/2" too low.

The car runs on 195/65 15" tires on standard MB Wheels.

The front tires rub on rough roads while turning. Not much, but enough to bother me. I would like to raise the ride slightly, about 1". I like to lowered look and drive, but I can't have it rubbing the tires.

My guess is the previous owner just replaced the front springs with smaller ones. The rear ride height seems to be original.

1. I have to buy new tires. Should I just change the size?

2. Is there a spring pad option?

3. Should I hunt the jukyards for an original spring shock combination and start over.

Any other options? Thanks again for all your help.

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