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JGHowland 11-11-2004 11:41 PM

93 300E Right Rear Window Issue - parts ID
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I have a 93 300E with a rear window failure - after removing the door panel, I found some parts at the bottom of the door (see attached picture), along with a loose cable. The window didn't go up or down until I cleared a cable jam, now it won't stay up without a jam between window and frame.

Can anyone identify these parts?

How can I get the cable back where it belongs and how do these parts fit in?

Thanks for any assistance,

git0 11-12-2004 01:51 AM

These are off the window regulator.As you look at your window regulator - the clip is located on the part that slides up and down the rail. It is used to hold the tension of the cable ends together and allows your window to go up and down. You may have to bend the ends of the clip to make sure that it fits back snug. Now expect to have to play with this as you try to get the two ends of the cable into the clip and then the clip with the tensioned cable back into the slide. The best way to analigize it is to picture the end of a bicycle brake cable being pressed fit into the brake lever on the handle bar.

I believe the little white item goes inside the white square plastic part on the rail. The back clips into place and can be opened to reinstall.

On a different note - this deals with windows that go partially up and stops. You may notice many threads with people having window symptoms of only going part of the way up - but the motor seems fine and the switch is ok.
As you have the regu;ator off the car take a look at the aluminum part that is attached to the regulator jaw by way of a rivet.

I had the same problem. So while I had ithe window regulator out I reconected the power and observed the action of the window regulator jaw going up and down and sure enough it went 1/2 ro 2/3 way up and stopped. Motor was fine.

I observed that the larger aluminum piece connected by the rivet is supposed to hook onto the piece that rides up and down the track. I discovered that the aluminum was slightly bent (hardly noticeable) and allowed it to swing off the other piece and out of position. Nothing actually broken but while the regulator went to the top the alignment was thrown off and the window would not make it to the top.

I simply put it into position and slighlt bent the ends of this aluminum to make sure that it remained in place and no more problems for the past year.

Wish I could figure out how to attach pictures I took.

Good luck.

hanno 11-12-2004 09:01 AM

JG, I have a working regulator that needs a motor (had water damage) from the right rear door of a 1987 300E. $5 plus UPS. you would need to check if its the same. Contact me if interested and further description. Hanno

Phil1347 11-24-2004 12:45 AM

I just found the same thing with my 93 300e and cannot fugure out how to put the parts back in. How did you do with yours


JGHowland 11-25-2004 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by Phil1347
I just found the same thing with my 93 300e and cannot fugure out how to put the parts back in. How did you do with yours


Thanks to git0 for your advice. To complete the fix, I pulled the regulator out of the door, then had to open the motor where the line spools - the wire line came off the tracks on the motor spool. While open, I threaded the lines thru their pulleys, used a pair of pliers and a little elbow grease to place the cable ends back into the keeper. The long thin piece clips over the two cable ends, and the cap on the regulator closes OVER that piece to hold it in place. Then I placed the small platic piece in the resulting slot - it appears to act as a lock. Reinstalled regulator and window works like it's supposed to.

Good luck...

stevebfl 11-25-2004 02:50 PM

When the regulator gets to the position of coming apart its life is over. Replace it.

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