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Well, pardon me, you backed up 1,380 feet and fried the front seal. How fast did you go. The 722.3 has a rather low gear ratio for reverse, so unless you had it floored (I hope not), I can't see how you trashed the front seal. Just suppose you drove into the woods on a narrow road and found yourself a mile or so into the forest. if you consulted your owner's manual, would it tell you to avoid narrow roads or forests. If you kept the rpms reasonable, I can't see how you could destroy the front seal, unless it was scheduled to fail anyway and you found it in your heart to finish it off. BTW, I have never heard of a seal in a tranny melting from sitting at idle. I suppose it's possible, but I suspect that if it did happen, a lot of other things would be melting as well. I think someone is blowing smoke up your to speak..
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