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transmission leak, '89 300E

Thanks to all of you who provided help, suggestions, and pithy remarks. This forum has been a great source of information to a shade-tree mechanic trying to keep up an old car. Pithy remarks are usually at least as helpful as other replies, just not for those with thin skin.

The Xmission has been repaired with the replacement of the front pump, no seals were damaged. If I knew enough about
automatic Xmissions, I would give you more details.

Regarding the melting seal, the advice given was that, with the car in DRIVE, the transmission tends to get overly hot while sitting still, as in stopped traffic. The advice continued to recommend putting the Xmission in PARK or NEUTRAL as much as possible at these times.

Again, thanks for your responses. Since most of you probably know a lot more than I do, you are a very valuable
asset. I have no local contacts who can give such well-informed advice.
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