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Easy on my tech, guys, I was speaking tongue in cheek, he is a great guy. Just decided to rib me about how I let this happen. ANd my wife is very perceptive, can usually smell and hear things long before I do, so she is usually the lead on troubleshooting. Including how long since my last shower!

My tech's father (also a MB tech) taught me a tightening process by feel, so I can't answer the pre-load question, which was why I suspected that first. Tighten and loosen in a rocking motion until you are getting no more progress, tighten till you can feel resistance rolling the wheel, then back the nut off a pinch.

I replaced the bearings initially in a noise hunt. We had been hearing a very sporadic noise, like blowing in a bottle, which had me and my tech stumped. Went away during braking, but would come and go at no particular time, speed, or orientation of the front wheels, sometimes for days. What seems to have fixed it finally was filing rust out of the brake pad seats.

I detected some side-to-side play in the wheel last time I had the car in the air, just figured I'd take some of that play out. Probably a bad move in retrospect. I doubt the bearing hadn't seated, that car has been 10K miles at least since the installation, that's too long for the hub to be that loose.

Still can't believe that the failure would be that sudden. Let's say I did overtighten it. Why no warning? And if my wheels are rolling freely in the air, can it have been THAT tight?
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