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300sdl engine out - what do I replace?

My '86 SDL broke last winter while my wife was driving it. Apparently got starved for oil. The starter would barely turn it over and there was a REALLY loud screeching sound as it did turn (very slowly). Long story short, I have a replacement sitting in the garage. The head has been updated to a used #17, I will be separating the tranny from it and reattaching the one from the existing car.

ON the engine, I am planning on timing chain rails, rear main seal, tranny pump seal (the tranny leaks). I am really leaning toward a new oil pump, but I they are relatively expensive. Do they wear out, or does something else happen to stop them pumping? Is there a way to judge the condition of engine and tranny mounts or do I just go ahead and do them as a matter of course?

As long as the engine is out of the way I will do some front end component replacement. The boots on the tie rods as well as upper and lower ball joints are all bad - they will all be replaced (the joints, not the boots). What about the guide rods? I see some rubber bits on them too.
As per usual, thanks for all your insight, Andy
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