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Fuel Injectors Leaking?

Greetings to all. This is my first post in this forum.

I have a 1992 400E and I smelled gasoline in the cabin the last time I used it (last week). I thought that it's from another car in front of me. This past weekend, I decided to remove the air filter housing and started the car to see if there indeed is a leak somewhere.

I was working alone so after starting the car and stepping out to look into the engine bay, there was already a pool of gasoline directly below the second injector from the front, on the driver's side. That injector was very wet but I did not see it spray out the fuel. The injector in front of it was also wet around the middle part of it, but not as wet. I assumed and am assuming that leak came from the injectors.

How hard is it to replace the o-rings on these injectors? Can someone please share the procedure? What's the likelihood that it's not the just the o-rings, but the injector themselves needs replacing?

I'll check again this weekend with someone else starting the car and with me watching the injectors. And I appreciate any assistance and thanks in advance.

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