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With each and every used car I purchase, I check and almost always replace the the brake light, license plate and running light bulbs. Why? Because they are usually dull and yellowed.

Bright bulbs = good visual awareness, most especially in bad weather. Also, on a purely pyschological plane, to me, dull bulbs on a dirty car just seem to indicate something to me. Read into this any way you want, but a well taken care of car with clean paint, bright lights just makes a statement of confidence. Put it another way, which car would get pulled over?

Any way .....

..... A bunch of new OEM style bulbs do not cost very much money, only takes a few minutes to replace and also gives a good reason to check around each of the corners of the new car. I always seem to find something to fix or have learned about. Once you know how to get your bulbs out once, replacing a bulb in the future is often just a minute or two job. Nice when on a road trip with the family all loaded in.

Additionally, I will wipe out the sockets with a rag sprayed with
WD40 (conducts electricity) and often see if the sockets need tweaking to hold the bulbs tightly.

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