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190e ovp issue

86 190e. discovered this wknd, blown 10 amp fuse in ovp.replced and it ran terrible.removed fuse and besides a little starting issue that hasnt been very bad even at its worst......what im not getting is,,,,without ovp fuse, my r.p.m usually stays within no more than 500 rpms of the speed im traveling {based on rpms x"s 2=speed with a 500 rpm tolerance range}according to the sticker under the hood my idle speed is /should be 720+/-500 idle speed is actually 1000 rpm,but without an egr im told thats expected .when put into drive,it drops to approx.800 and is steady.i try to give it a moment to warm up,but that i do out of respect for a 22 yr. old engine{202k,,rebuilt 165k ago} once in drive and running,it runs like a dream.quite impressive the power it has though i know she is wounded.if this was the best it ever performed i could live happily with that.i feel like i have a great car that just needs a good bit TLC and it will give the same in return.but,im curious as to how bad it is that i have driven at least 1000 miles without the ovp and as well i have no clue how far it was driven before with a bad ovp.i only acquired it about 8 wks. ago. also,if you are in the nashville area and have parts on any level excluding body panels unless they are cypress green,that relate to 1984-1993 190e,,please contact me and lets talk about some buying/trading.
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