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Thumbs up Thanks to all - great help with finding an electric leak

The problem is solved - thanks.

Seems the "green wire" was the culprit - removed it yesterday, and today all is well. Plenty of electricity today.

This thread does provide a great summary of how to look for leaks, by putting the multimeter in serial between the battery and the cable. I also tried removing the fuses and putting the meter in serial with the red probe down (bottom of fuse area) and the black probe on the top -

This also discusses how to see how many volts are charging - by setting the meter to volts and probing the two battery terminals.

Great information

Others contributed - thanks - but a special thanks to haasman, who even asked inquisitive questions, and Stoney's simple comment - it's probably an aftermarket device.

I am soooo happy the car IS NOT going to the shop for them to perform an electric system review - that can take hours.

But I am going to the AutoZone for a free charger system check.
Thanks for the help
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