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Nicely done! For my 74 240d, you fellow w115 owners know what I am talking about, I would add the following .....

1. Contemplate taking vehicle to Jiffy Lube
2. Promptly talk self out of such a ridiculous idea
14. Mentally prepare for monumental undertaking
15. Cue soothing music
16. Begin prayer ritual
27. Prop up engine with another floor jack and a round of fire wood to access PITA oil filter location. (for those of you keeping track at home number of floor jacks is 3, rounds of wood 4)
28. Permanently stain your arm "Diesel Soot Black". Ironically, Sherwin Williams is introducing this new color into their Winter 07 catalog.
29. Wait for oil to drain so you don't get oil on face
30. Jump the gun .... get oil on face
31. Curse
32. Think about Jiffy Lube
33. Play rubix cube like game with oil canister trying to liberate it from permanent "prison cell."
34. Lose rubix cube game and decide to leave canister where it is
35. Dump canister contents all the while leaving canister in prison cell
36. Replace canister contents in an elaborate surgical-like manner.
37. Contemplate becoming surgeon
38. Drink more beer and think about new career choice
39. Come to senses when you realize that studying would only interfere with oil changes and beer drinking
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