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Pressing a plastic tab on the back of the
turn signal (which is attached to a clip)
releases the signal assy. When released,
the turn signal assy will slide straight
forward. Look on the driver's side where
there is more room to explore with a
flashlight. It might help to loosen the
exposed fasteners on the headlight assy
if the signal assy is stuck.

The headlight assy is held in place by
a plastic locating pin on top, a hex
screw on the inboard side, and two hex
screws on the outboard side that are
hidden by the turn signal assy. The
narrow body panel below the light is
attached to the headlight on the inboard
side and the fender body panel on the
outboard side. You must remove the
screw from the inboard side of the body
panel. You may only need to loosen the
screw on the outboard side of the body
panel, but be careful not to bend the
panel when removing or replacing the
headlight assy.

I cannot tell you anything about the
headlight wipers, if you have them.
I do not.

Best of luck.
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