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Part 3

Now we are going to take out the door latch pull handle surround cover (the thing surrounding the thing which you open the door with!). This is a pry out plastic piece. Important - this piece is hinged at the rear. You can see the hinge clip in the one photo of the back side of the surround with the switch connection removed.

The surround pries out of 4 plastic clip things (male parts) which snap into the actual latch surround itself (female parts) (which we'll take out in the next step).

So gently pry around the front side of the surround cover and release the four clip points, no loose items here, it just snaps together. And then pivot it out from the rear, and disconnect the window switch.

You can see the wad of foam rubber covering the top bolt of the arm rest, you can smush it down and access the bolt to remove it.
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