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1997 E320, flex disc and rear trans seal leaking

I own a 1997 E320, with 190,000 miles on it.....On the way home today, I heard a thumping sound under the car, and having owned many Mercedes in the past, assumed that my flex disc must be on its way out.....

I jacked up the car and looked at the front flex disc and saw that it was clearly deteriorating, as it looked like a Chia pet!!!

What I also noticed, and it somewhat disturbed me, is that it appears as though my transmissions rear main seal is leaking, as well...

Common sense tells me that if the flex dic is causing the driveshaft to "wobble" that it would be pretty difficult for the seal to do its job....

My question is: "Should I replace the rear main seal when I replace the flex disc, OR should I assume that the seal has not been damaged and will continue to work once the driveshaft no longer wobbles as the the newly installed flex disc will restore the driveshaft's steadiness????

Also, worse case secnario, is it very difficult to access the rear transmission seal and is it difficult to replace?????.....I have changed front main transmission seals on W123 Mercedes diesels so I am competent at changing seals.......Just want to know if there's something odd that I should look out for on a 1997 E320's rear transmission seal replacement proceudure????

Thanx to ALL in advance, as always any input is more than greatly appreciated!!

Big Dee!
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