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Strange tire wear

Hello, all.

I recently put new tires on my '97 S420 (OEM size Conti ProContact). I took the car out on a 300+ mile road trip over the weekend, and when I returned, I noticed that the right front tire had a noticeable feathering on the outside edge. The other three tires had worn evenly and had no such feathering.

The car had an alignment done about 3,000 miles ago.

I noticed that I can feel a very slight vibration in the steering wheel at highway speeds and I had to keep the steering wheel pointed ever so slightly to the left to keep the car headed straight down the road. I'm not exactly sure if this could be considered a symptom or not since the roads I was driving on (mostly US routes, no interstate) had pretty good crowns on them.

I'd appreciate any insight or suggestions. Thanks.
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Bob in Richmond

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