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What type of transmission fluid do I need?

Already did a search, could not find anything, so...

Can someone tell me what type of transmission fluid I need for my 88' 300SEL? The fluid looks fine (pink), but it has a different smell than most other transmission fluids I have smelled, so I am wondering if Mercedes brand fluid smells different, or is this fluild old? My transmission shifts smoothly and fine, but I am unsure of the last change, so I think I am soon going to do a transmission fluid and filter change and not sure what fluid to use. I am sure its in the owners manual, but incase its not (when I look tomorrow), I would like to know asap. Also, if someone knows how many quarts it holds? (Drain and refill only - not a flush).

I am thinking it may take Dextron, OR is it Mercedes brand fluid only?

I know that on my Lexus, only Toyota fluid is recommended.

Thanks in advance.
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